Wow I suck at updating

I looked back at the last post before writing this one and man, I still haven’t talked about the Gwendolyn Brooks contest! Nor Florida. Man I’m sorry. The Brooks contest is coming again and I just entered today. So maybe I’ll write about that if I get picked again.

Basically it’s a slam contest with audience voting. How they did the voting was different though, it was different people voting each round. I submitted a poem from Dissection last year and a poem from my high school days this year.

Florida was pretty cool, we might go again this year, to NASA and St. Augustine. We had fun at both of those last time.

But the big news is Troy and I leave for Europe on September 26th. I’m excited, been practicing my French like crazy. We’re going to Paris, Belgium and Dublin. In Dublin we have family and in Belgium we have our friends Fra and Rudi but in Paris we’re on our own. So I want to be sure I’m on my French game.

Shout out here to my buddy Conor for posting relevant blog posts and keeping on top of his writing game. I can’t even account for the amount of time I haven’t been writing on here. I won’t even lie to you and say I’ll try to do better, because honestly writing is more pen and paper for me, for myself than for the world.

Also Conor just released his book The Bipolar Addict June 21st. You can buy it on Amazon here:

Sorry about the messy link, it wouldn’t embed. It’s also available at several local bookstores in the Chicago area such as Uncharted books and Transistor in Andersonville. I did transcription for and helped edit the book so I’m really excited for him and for you all to read it. An excellent and compelling read. Kudos Conor!

Anyway yes, I’m still sober and I’ve been off nicotine completely for almost 7 months. You won’t believe how much money you save being sober and smoke-free. I’m grateful to my Higher Power.

I’m gonna poke around CPanel and see if I can figure out how to do a web design update but man, it’s very confusing. Wish me luck!