Teaser for Escort (Don’t Be Dirty)

So I was goofing around with CreateSpace today and the book looks good! So I should have it out in a week or so. I’ve lived with it for 2 years, about time I got it out there.

In the meantime, here’s a poem from the new book, The End of it All: From Escort to Cohort to Consort

Just in time for Pride Month! <3


Boy George knew what it was about.
He wrote the hymns/hims
Of longing
We all felt
For gay marriage to be legal.

But when you try to do it
You’re right back to an escort.

“Oh, he’ll leave her,”
Or, “He told me he’s not married,”
Ladies, please.
We don’t believe that easily.

Because Hitler enslaved the Jews
Jeff Magnus lost his mind in ’97
I took time off then
To remember F. Scott,
Mel Brooks calls me
His Zelda.

Hitler and his demigods are trying to get to heaven,
So is Chapman,
That nitwit
Who shot Lennon.

‘Cos if Christ was a demigod
Before he became a computer,
It was George and Lennon.