Splishin'! Crafts Does Custom Work

I've only ever sold 2 things on Etsy, so if you want to see more of my work, let me know and I can send you images, or samples and you can tell me what you like.

The Fudge is Back in Effect!

Well, it's getting to be cooler weather so yes, fudge will be made.  The example to the right is milk chocolate raspberry.  Name a flavor, I can probably make it.  Email me for an order form at or check my Etsy site, Splishin' Crafts.




See How Funky & Fun Splishin' Is!

Crochet Too!


It's hat season!

I make all kinds of crafts, but mainly jewelry, crochet and homemade fudge.


Photography credits to Mimi Clayton

Splishin'! Crafts on Etsy

3 new listings on Etsy today (12/20/17) and more to come!  Hats and fudge for sale, get 'em before they're gone!