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Diner Poems


On the last website, I offered up "Dissection" and its companion piece, "The Scenester Gatz".  So I decided to put something different up this time.


Diner Poems is my longest book of poetry and it is based on the events I had waiting tables at Deluxe Diner (now Cozy Corner) at Clark and Devon in Chicago.  You will both laugh and cry.


Photo I believe is courtesy of Samara Deeb, a fellow waitress there.  It was around 2005 so hard to remember.

Coming soon!


The End of it All: From Escort to Cohort to Consort


As I mentioned on the homepage, I have a brand new book!  I am going to put it up on CreateSpace and will be on Amazon for sale.  I have to see how much it is to get print copies, so perhaps that will be for sale soon too as I need to get back to the poetry scene.  To all my poet friends out there, I love ya and I hope to see you soon.