I quit smoking!

Yes, I did. I celebrated 7 years sober from alcohol and drugs January 3rd, and asked my Higher Power on that day for help quitting smoking. Took a while to kick in. I quit like almost 3 weeks ago. I’m taking smoking cessation class with my friends Connie and Conor. (Can’t separate those names, they just go together like peas and carrots.) Conor just celebrated his 7 years sober today! Check out his website:


He has a new book coming out June 21st. Hope I’m here for the release ‘cos I promised him I’d help him distribute the book. That’s because I have a new car! It’s a 2017 chocolate brown Kia Forte. I’m calling it the fudgemobile.

I just realized too that I haven’t posted in so long a lot has gone on, but I don’t want to make this an endless post so I’ll write 2 new posts about The Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Contest I was in (I didn’t win) and the trip to Florida in October/November.

But this post is about not smoking and I must say it’s getting easier, though I still have rough days. Yesterday I couldn’t get it out of my head so I organized my closets. Lease inspection is coming up on Valentine’s Day (nice timing landlord) and I have to get my mis en place.

Also with Vday, fudge is made and shipped across the country. I don’t get too many Etsy orders but some in my building and various places through word of mouth. Today I made milk chocolate pecan caramel for delivery tomorrow. My mom got in a disagreement with me telling me I should make my own caramel. Have you ever tried to make your own caramel on an electric stove? If not, just watch Great British Baking Show, they screw it up all the time.

So I hope I can keep off the cigarettes and get this website in order. CPanel, the content manager I use is all crazy now, took me forever just to figure out how to get to the option to post. But I did, and here we are. So I’ll get to some of what I mentioned but would like to thank you all for your patience while I got my shit together to update.

And yes, Chicago poetry friends, now that I have a new car I will start going to readings again. AA comes first though, so I usually have to alternate. Hope to see you all soon. Thanks for reading.