What happened to The End of It All: From Escort to Cohort to Consort?

I abandoned the project after feedback on it told me it was cliché and not worth the expense to self-publish.  It's a shame, because a lot of it jibed with the current Covid situation.  Also, I had qualms about publicly revealing so much of my struggle with my sexuality.  Please remember I am Bipolar and to put myself out there to be criticized for something so personal is difficult.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Why Haven't You Been More Widely Published?

Mainly because I'm lazy and don't pursue it.  Also, as said above, I fear criticism.  I joined a writing group and found some Facebook free submission groups, too.  If you like what you read here, leave me a comment or contact me to say so.  It will encourage me to try.


So You Do Writing AND Crafts?

Yes, the writing is my day job and the crafts are how I make a little extra money.  For the curious, yes Splishin'! was the name of the fanzine I worked on with Lori-Jo Sherwin in the 90s.  She gave me the rights to the name.  Love ya LJ!


Is This a Music Site?  All I See is Text and Photo.

No, I don't play an instrument or make music.  But I'm a huge collector of both vinyl and CDs and go to gigs as often as I can afford.  So look at the blog, there may be some music photos and video there.


What Do You Charge For Writing and Editing Services?

Not much to be honest.  I live in low income housing so most things I do, I do for trade.  But we can come to an arrangement at any price or exchange, barter, etc.