Book is delayed

Well, I had a root canal that cost me 1600 dollars.  So I won’t be able to get Escort out as soon as I had planned.  Funny story about the root canal, I had only ever been to a general dentist for a root canal before and this was so different.  So clinical.  They took the X-ray and found 2 abscesses on the root of my tooth.  So the endodontist (Spelling?) wanted a 3D image of the tooth.  So they take me into a room and have me bite this plastic plate in a machine.  The nurse didn’t even crack a smile when I said, “Now I see why you’re so expensive.  You have all this fancy equipment.”  But I bet she’d heard that one before.

So no, no book until after I get back from NYC and get some money in the bank.  But please check back soon because I’m going to have a review of Summerfest where I met JC Brooks!  Just waiting for my nephew Pat to fix the picture to post.