What is Erin Sweeney Rocks!?


Well mainly this is a platform for you to read more of my writing. Some books are free, while others I'm setting up a CreateSpace link for.  The new book, From Escort to Cohort to Consort, which will be available on Amazon soon, is about a woman's journey from being an escort to being in a stable relationship and the frustrations she experiences.  As she does this, the end of the world is taking place.  So be prepared for intensity and graphic humor and visuals.


I also provide writing and editing services at a nominal fee, and I'm a crafter!  I have an Etsy website which you may find linked here, called Splishin' Crafts.


Yeah, but where's the writing?

Aha! Follow this link to the portfolio page, see what you can download for free and / or buy the book!  From Escort to Cohort to Consort is the newest.